Euolgy to Weld 15F – Paradise Lost, Purpose Gained

Hi. Here is a piece i wrote back in 2009 whilst in grief at the loss of a part of the beautiful Weld valley in South West Tasmania. It was my first ever experience with a forest, and in it I found myself, peace and an understanding of my place in the world. In being evicted and witnessing its destruction I found myself radicalised and my life purpose forged.

This written work was a way for me to deal with what had just happened to me. It has been published in the quarterly newsletter of the huon valley Environment centre HUON.ORG  and has appeared on my facebook page, but I present it here for the non crackbook addicted and to fill out the Wildernerd story.


Thank you.


It is with great sadness this week that I learn of the passing of the weld valley forest in the area that it’s butchers simply refer to as WR015F. A slice of heaven, divided, numbered and carved up like so many cuts of meat. Devoured, destroyed and wasted. I’ve not been back to view the body, I don’t know if I am strong enough.

You were thousands of years old, and I knew you for less than a week, yet I mourn your passing.

I will miss you 15F. I knew you only briefly but you’ve changed me.

15F you never asked for anything, and you gave so much. Your glorious towering Eucalyptus Regnans, looking over it all, providing shelter and cover for your Celery-top Pine, your Myrtle, your leatherwood and your Sassafras. And the myriad of little friends, pygmy possums, pademelons and wallabies that kept you as their blanket. All you know is how to give, and all we can do is take and destroy.

All you wanted was to exist, and in return you gave us cleaner air than we could ever create, purer water than we could ever distil, and a sense of peace unique to you and complete.

Though I only knew you a week I will miss you. I will miss your moss covered carpet, your damp fallen logs holding so much life. I will miss the times I can never have with you again. The streams I can never see, nor show to those I love. I will miss your caring cool air, your thousands of worlds and the peace that you gave me.

I’m so sorry 15F. You gave so much to me and I have let you down. I could have done more. I’m sorry that I didn’t stop those machines. I’m sorry that I didn’t fight with every last breath to keep you standing. I’m sorry I stood by and let you die. I’m so sorry and ashamed that we continue to let this happen to you. I don’t know how those machines and the men inside can do it. Don’t they feel you? Can’t they feel your pain as they hear your bones crack? Does not a part of them respond to your beauty, and cause them to remember who they are? You are our womb. Our birthplace and our home. We need you now more than ever, when so many have lost their way, you remind us who we are.

You’re in my dreams each night 15F. And that’s where you will always be. In the dreams I dream, the songs I sing and in every piece of love that I share. Every tear that I shed. You showed me the face of Gaia and your spirit will live on inside of me forever. I will fight the injustice and the madness that sees you mined for woodchips, I live my life for you.

I will never forget you 15F. There will always be a tear in my eye for you. Thank you for all you so selflessly gave. Sleep now, gone but not forgotten. Forever in my soul, Remembered. Rest In Peace.


One comment

  • .. beautiful .. passionate .. heartbreaking .. profound .. love ..
    .. I understand .. forever in my soul too ………. love kas x


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