My Personal Zero Waste Challenge

Welcome to the blog of my personal Zero Waste challenge.

I am setting myself the goal of creating zero personal waste in the time period from the 13th November to New Years. I am photographing every item that I send to landfill, and seeking feedback from my friends through my facebook page as to how I can change my habits and behaviours to not produce that waste in the future.

But first, who am I and why am I doing this?

I live very simply on a paradise island. Waiheke Island. In the Hauraki gulf of the coast of the North Island of New Zealand, this island has a long and proud history of Maori settlement and a unique modern history.

As best as I can understand it, this island became populated with the people who had opted out of a regular 9-5 life many years ago, and as such gained a reputation for hosting interesting characters. The arrival of the fast ferries, it’s commuters and becoming governed by Auckland council has homogenised the place slightly but it still retains its unique character.

Economically the island serves as a base and a retreat for those who commute daily to Auckland city for their work, and has a thriving local economy based around it’s vineyards, beaches and tourism activities. A strong artistic community survives, and the island I believe still holds all the wonderful things that attracted the alternative crowd to begin with.

I personally work part time in tourism services, entertaining corporate and family groups with recreational activities hosted on one of the islands vineyards. I also work in the island’s brewery.

I am a member of the island’s Green Party branch, involved with the local conservation group, the forest and bird society, and I give my spare time to a number of community groups, when asked.

recently, as part of a fundraiser for the Green Party, we played a film. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, “Trashed”. Here is the trailer:

I currently don’t produce very much waste at all. I am a single guy, I live alone, and I have a cat. I’m fairly conscious about the packaging and what I buy, but I know I can do better. and by striving for zero waste, and involving the people around me in the discussion around waste reduction, maybe other people could benefit too.

Come with me. subscribe to this blog, follow me, and give me feedback, if you know a thing I could do to improve my flow, let me know in the comments.



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