What do you wipe your A** with?

Before coming to Waiheke I used to live on another Green Island.

tassie map
For location and scale to my current home Aotearoa /NZ here is a map with NZ as a little ghosty guy.

it’s funny that this image comes to use from the forestry Tasmania website, as my time in Tas was spent largely in conflict with their plans and practices.

I was part of the long standing Upper Florentine forest blockade.
We lived in and amongst the trees in an area of forest scheduled for logging, but which we believed was worthy of conservation status, vindicated by the fact that earlier this year 170,000 hectares of the forests (a huge area) was added to the World Heritage Area, meaning that the areas had now internationally recognised conservation values.
This is what it looked like. Photo credit Luke O'Brien

This is what it looked like. Photo credit Luke O’Brien

This is what Forestry Tasmania do to it.

This is what Forestry Tasmania do to it.

and here up close

and here up close

So, what does this do with what I wipe my backside with?

One of the saddest parts about the Tasmanian forest destruction was that most of it was going to low grade production. Pulp and Paper.

Frequently some pro-forestry (or probably more anti-greenie) people would drive past us and yell out something like “What do you wipe your a** with?”
Implying that we were naiive hypocrites for wanting to protect forests but were happy to use its products.

*** reminds me of a recent discussion on a local facebook page where someone made the case that driving to an anti oil drilling in the sea project was hypocrisy. As though use of fossil fuels meant that you approved of every means of extracting them. – but I digress.

Well, now I will answer that question for you.

For as long as I have been aware of the destructive potential of paper production I have endeavoured to use recycled paper toilet paper. Preferably post consumer waste, and preferably non-bleached. The whole paper production process is incredibly toxic and unleashes a whole bevvy of dioxins into the environment. nasty stuff.

some info on dioxins.

Dioxins were featured in the “trashed’ film which motivated the beginning of this blog.

So what do I wipe my backside with?
This stuff.
For a few reasons:

  1. it’s made from 100% recycled paper
  2. it’s not rebleached
  3. the lengths are twice as long as normal, meaning half as much packaging.
  4. the packaging itself is recyclable (4, PE-LD)

Now it’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can get from countdown, the large national supermarket chain that has a store on the island here.

I have concerns that whilst it is recycled it may not be all post consumer waste,

I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just wrapped in paper, I’ll ask them and post their response in the comments.

But on the balance of things it seems like the best option.

Have you thought about the waste and or destruction caused by the production of your every day use products?

What habits and patterns of yours would you be willing to change to have a lower impact?

Do you know of a better option in NZ for toilet paper than this?

Please let me know below.


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