Are You Prepared for a Medical Emergency?

New Training Providers on the island aim to increase Waiheke’s First Aid skills

We are very well served on the island by the Rescue Helicopter trust and our St John’s ambulance, but due to the size of the island, and the possibility that the ambulance may be out on another call-out when you phone, they may be more than 20 minutes away.
Are you able to provide emergency first aid until Emergency Services arrive?
Yesterday I completed a one day short first aid course at the Catherine Mitchell Centre run by Tim McGirr and his wife Gloria.
After 25 years in Wellington running a PTE (Private Training Establishment) they are in the process of moving to Waiheke, and sharing their expertise.
They’ve only just begun delivering these courses, and have more planned. So far 65 people have increased their They haven’t had to advertise as the Waiheke Grapevine has made sure their service is well known.

“The more people who know basic first aid, the better off we’ll be as a community” – Gloria McGirr

As well as learning and and practising CPR on an adult, child and infant, the use of a defibrillator and what to do in the event of choking, much time was spent on other likely island emergency situations that someone might find them self needing to intervene in.
Tim and Gloria demonstrate CPR techniques for a child in their Waiheke classes.
The classes were conducted in a very friendly interactive manner, and if it has been more than two years since you have done your first aid training, or even if you never have, I recommend going along to one of their one day courses.

You might just save someone’s life.

business card first aid


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