2014 Election Waiheke Advance Voting results in

The 2014 General election in new Zealand saw a record number of people cast their votes before the election day.

Waiheke Island had one Advance Voting place, at the Waiheke Library, but when results were published after the election, only the electorate wide advance voting results were published, so we were unable to determine how many people voted early, and how they voted.

Through a request to the Electoral Commission via the general secretary of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand I was able to obtain the results for the early voting on Waiheke, and in enables now a fuller analysis of how we as an island voted.

1752 people voted early on Waiheke, out of a total turnout of 4367. that’s over 40% of all island votes cast!

Here are the Party Vote results from the Waiheke Library Booth and the island total Party Votes
waiheke party voteswaiheke party votes total

Much could be made of these results, here are some observations:

  • National and Labour received far less than their average over the country
  • The Greens outpolled Labour in 7 out of the 8 booths
  • The Greens polled more than 2 and a half times the average in the country. (10% nationally, 27% on the island)
  • Far more people didn’t vote for the Government than did,
here is a set of tables of all Waiheke Party Votes broken down into booths.

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