“Please Take Care” sign destroyed. AGAIN!

please take careTwice now within days of being put up, this sign in Rocky Bay has been pulled out and removed. Omiha – Rocky Bay has no footpaths, and if you drive there you can expect to see pedestrians and cyclists on the road. The Omiha Welfare and Recreation Society, the community group in Rocky Bay, has twice from its own limited budget erected this sign next to the “welcome to Rocky Bay” sign just the corner of O’Brien rd and Te Whau drive, and twice it has been destroyed. The purpose of the sign was to remind drivers to be careful and to try to stop avoidable pedestrian casualties. Clearly the message to “Please take care” was too offensive to some motorist, who has twice become so enraged as to destroy a community asset! The sign was a good will and friendly effort by a local community group to encourage drivers to think about other people. The planned and deliberate removal of the sign twice is a despicable act.

Can someone explain to me what it so outrageous and offensive about this sign that it has motivated such dedicated vandalism?


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