Euthanasia it’s time

This post reflects a personal view.

The Lecretia Seales brings the issue of voluntary euthanasia to the forefront of public attention, and the public conversation about the matter has begun anew.

The high Court has ruled that only the Parliament, not the court, can amend the crimes act to protect physicians who help their patients carry out their wish to end their life on their terms, and with dignity.

It’s time to be bold and put that protection in law. It failed in the NZ Parliament decades ago by only 1 vote. Have we come any further? I believe the people of New Zealand have.

Most people get the need to put these protections in place. 83% of the population support the idea of voluntary euthanasia for terminal patients.

Most of us would want to have control over the terms of our passing, and lot of us have had to deal with a loved one in an undignified situation.

It’s very personal and people get that individuals facing terminal illness should get the choice.

People need to be protected from exploitation or coercion, but I believe the worries people have on these matters can be overcome by careful guidelines and oversight. Other places have done it, and the evidence seems to show that the fears expressed by opponents leading up to its introduction have not been realised.

If people have a personal or religious objection to voluntary euthanasia, they are welcome not to have it. Just like opponents of same-sex marriage are quite free not to get same sex married.

I believe it’s time to get this right.


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