Let’s Give it Back!

“The time has come, a facts a fact, let’s give it back!”

“Crown” land? To me, crown land seems like the perfect opportunity for some reparation! How about the crown does a stock take of all the land it holds and then finds Hapu to give it back to? Not sell to, not right of first refusal,

Just give it back!

I’ve been learning a lot about the treaty lately. And how the crown began breaching it with laws and actions in contravention of it even before the ink had dried! I’m reading a book on Parihaka, and would have gone down for celebrations last weekend if not for that pesky court date!

So when I see Nick Smith trying to sell of “crown” land, not only breaching the spirit of the treaty, the spirit of reconciliation and even the word of the law of treaty settlements, I can’t help but feel exasperated and disappointed by those that purport to speak in my name.

Just give it back!

Have to agree with my animated Australian compatriot, 80’s Peter Garret.


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