On the divisiveness of the #NZFlag debate.


I dislike John Key, his government, and the anti-human anti-environment neo-liberal corporatist agenda he pushes.

But I don’t dislike him enough to support an imperial ensign of colonialism just to spite him.

Also, I don’t have much of a stomach for nationalism. I’m more ‘Earth First!’ Than New Zealand First.

We are one people on one planet.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I share John Lennon’s view of a world with no countries, and “nothing to kill or die for”

I also think that soldiers who served and died in defence of our freedoms were doing so in defence of our values more than a coloured cloth.

Where was the option for no flag at all?! I’d support that!

Nevermind the fact that on my reading of the treaty and the Whakaputanga declaration of independence I’m not even sure if ‘The Dominion of New Zealand’ is even a valid state!

But what’s really bothering me is how distrust and dislike of the Prime Minister (valid) is causing progressive people to rally around a national symbol of imperialism and colonialism, and how some on the left who don’t want the flag changed are lambasting, using words like treachery and corruption, against those who disagree with them.

My views on the flag are my own, and one of many. I respect that others have different views. Of course I may try and convince people of my views, and I am also open to discussion and debate on any one of those points, including the possibility of having my mind changed!

I haven’t spoken out on this issue before this week, I regarded it as a side issue. I still do. I even had the laser kiwi as my Facebook cover pic for weeks!

But I speak out now because I’m saddened by the aggressive, hyperbolic and very personal attacks being directed by people against people who don’t agree with them.

In fact before this post I haven’t even stated what my preference was, all I’ve been asking is for people to accept that there are views other than their own.

I do not think it right to call people who have a different view to me on this largely cosmetic issue of being traitors, evil or corrupt, and sadly this what I have seen friends and comrades do.

And I hope that people, no matter how passionately they feel on the issue, can keep a level of dignity and respect in the way we speak to each other.

#respect peace and #nonviolence in all things, even when we don’t agree.


One comment

  • John Key’s distraction tactic has been a resounding success. Not only is everyone talking about bloody flags but the opposition parties, who should be cooperating in fighting this awful Government, are at each other’s throats.

    The Greens and Labour would have done well to stay out of it, while giving the message that we’ve got more important things to fight for.

    Meanwhile, TPPA is on the way, and thousands of families are suffering the disastrous consequences of living in moldy sub-standard housing, etc.

    I’m appalled that grown people are wasting their time over something that matters not a single jot.


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