Titirangi SAVE OUR KAURI battle moves to the High Court


The fight to protect the iconic Kauri and Rimu trees in Titirangi is in its final stages and has moved to the High Court in Auckland.

On Monday 31st October and Tuesday 1st November the Save Our Kauri Trust will be supporting the Court Case being made against Auckland Council for granting consent to fell the iconic Kauri and Rimu trees on private and public land in the Waitakere Ranges.

For the last ten months the trees have been temporarily protected by a High Court Injunction.The events of the next two days will determine whether the Resource Consents granted to fell these trees will remain in place.

In 2015 New Zealanders came together in support of protecting the natural environment. When activists Michael Tavares and Johno Smith occupied the Kauri in Titirangi known as Awhiawhi, the community received support from all over the world. Over 25,000 people signed the online petition in just a few days and the chainsaws were put on hold.  https://www.toko.org.nz/petitions/save-the-patuaroa-kauri

The North Island of New Zealand has lost over 90% of the giant Kauri that once dominated its forests. Today many remaining Kauri are dying from disease.

Over 10% of Kauri contained within the Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland has been confirmed to be symptomatic and affected by Kauri Dieback disease and this figure is expected to double, as Kauri contained in suburban Titirangi are succumbing at a rapid rate to the disease.

“This is not the time to be removing old healthy trees or putting at risk remaining healthy Kauri like Awhiawhi” said Mr Tavares, who occupied the Kauri tree in March 2015.

“We need to set a precedent this week in court for New Zealand to protect our healthy native trees.” said Dr Mark Harvey Chairperson of Save Our Kauri Trust.

“It’s important that councils hear the message that proposed developments must take greater account of our natural heritage and work within the ecological environment rather than clear felling mature native trees that take hundreds of years to replace” said Dr Harvey.

‘It all comes down to this court case. All of our efforts over the past year culminate in the events of the next two days’, said Michael Tavares.

Supporters are invited to come along to Auckland High Court tomorrow at 9am, meeting at the forecourt on the corner of Anzac Ave.

Those who would like to support the Save Our Kauri Trust who cannot make it to the court are invited to contribute to the financial costs of the legal proceedings –  https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/keepourkauristanding

For comment:

Dr Mark Harvey. Chair Save Our Kauri Trust 021 167 4524

Michael Tavares. Activist and Rights of Nature Advocate 027 824 4896


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