About the Wildernerd

Who am I?

Yes I am the guy who sat in the kauri tree in Titirangi for 81 hours to stop it being felled.

Having made Waiheke my home for the last 5 years, I began my life in Sydney NSW, and came here via Tasmania, Hawkes Bay and the Coromandel. As a kid I was a Cub and a Scout, and from a very young age had a close connection to the natural world. That has stayed with me.

After high school I worked in 5 star hotels, and built a career in retail banking for the next 5 years.

I left the bank, and then left Sydney, moving to Tasmania to try out a new life.

Very soon I found myself involved in the ongoing campaign to end broad scale clearfelling and woodchipping of Tasmania’s World Heritage Value ancient forests.

This got me involved with community groups all across the state, fighting for clean drinking water, clean air, and proper democracy.

It was tough, but finally, in 2013 after decades of campaigning and three years of negotiation between ENGO’s, and State and Federal Governments, an extension to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area was achieved that now includes these forests.

I moved to NZ in 2011, and after spending a brief few months doing volunteer work (WWOOFing) in the Coromandel, and picking apples in the Hawkes Bay region, I settled on Waiheke.

Initially only planning to spend two weeks here, I stayed for 3 years, and now can’t see myself wanting to live anywhere else! A common island story from the conversations I have had with many people on this wonderful island.

Why this page?

Over the years I’ve had a number of blogs. This is an attempt to bring them all together under one domain name.

Also, I’m very active in a number of facebook groups, and on my own facebook page, but the transient nature of facebook means that things disappear.

What’s it about?

All sorts of things. I’m an environmentalist. I hate seeing natural landscapes degraded. I used to live in the wild forests of South East Tasmania defending them from the woodchipping juggernaught. I don’t like when inappropriate developments are put forward, like the Matiatia Marina proposal. I love the work of community groups who are working to take care of our island.

I love public transport and active transport. When cycling and walking facilities improve in out cities and towns, when bus and train networks improve and expand, it makes our lives better.

It’s getting more and more dangerous and less and less sustainable to extract oil and gas from under the Earth, and we’re really feeling the effects of pumping all that extra carbon into the atmosphere. I get really excited by developments in renewable energy. Both centralised and distributed. There are challenges, but we are clever and we can overcome them.

I am a Greenie. I care about and strive for a society structured around the values of Ecological Wisdom, Social Responsibility, Appropriate Decision Making and Non-Violence. I am a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ and a former member of the Green Party in Tasmania.

Lastly, I love this island, and the people on it. Often blogs will be about the great work that people and organisations do here.

Avid user of technology.

Caring and compassionate, fun and free.