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‘Save Our Kauri’ arrest “Not exceptional” – Citizenship Denied

Michael Tavares, who occupied a significant kauri tree on private land in Titirangi two years ago has had his New Zealand citizenship denied because of his resulting Trespass conviction. After gaining local and national support while protecting the kauri tree, which, still stands today, Mr Tavares says it’s gutting to have his application denied. “It was great to see New

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Kauri Tree Sitter to Stand for The Greens

Media Release: 23rd february Michael Tavares, the 34 year old who occupied a threatened West Auckland kauri tree in March 2015 has put his name forward to be a candidate for the Green Party in this year’s election in the Auckland electorate of Northcote. A long term campaigner on environmental and social issues, and a party member of over 5

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Behind the Smile

We the human race are using this planet’s resources faster than they can be replenished. We are stripping the topsoil, polluting the waterways, pumping toxic gasses into the atmosphere, filling our oceans and our bodies with lethal chemicals, warming the planet and wiping out forests and entire species of animals. We are being horrible to each other globally, with rampant

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