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On the divisiveness of the #NZFlag debate.

The flag debate has aroused a lot of passions, and unleashed a lot of online aggression. My hope is that people can accept that there are views other than their own.

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The MIGRANT CRISIS: Simplified For Idiots and Xenophobes…

Originally posted on the burning blogger of bedlam:
? Having read so much witless shit about the migrant crisis, some of the particularly ill-informed, paranoid and hate-filled comments have made me wonder if we should be sending migrant boats full of our own unwanted citizens across the Mediterranean in a sort of reverse-journey. I don’t think I can bear to…

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Titirangi Kauri Protestor Convicted of Trespass

Media release June 12, 2015 Titirangi Kauri Protester Sentenced Kauri tree occupier Michael Tavares was today convicted of trespass, having pleaded guilty to the charge for the 81 hour protest in March this year. No sentence will be imposed upon Mr Tavares unless he appears before the courts in the next 12 months. The situation that led to Mr Tavares’

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Auckland Council Almost There on Plastic Bags!

On Wednesday Steph Borelle presented her “mayor Len Brown – Ban Plastic Bags in Auckland” petition to the Environment and Heritage Subcommittee of Auckland Council. She spoke passionately about the effect single use plastic bags have on the marine environment of the Hauraki gulf, the area on which she is doing her PhD on offshore ecology, and the gulf in

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The First Election of the Digital Age

An interesting thought struck me today as I was reading my twitter feed: This is the first New Zealand general Election where the internet is a major player. Sure, Obama famously engaged with Twitter in 2008 and 2012, but it’s the internet, online activists, and the revelations contained in emails between Government ministers and hate filled attack bloggers that are

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