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Forest and Bird to explore ‘Rights of Nature’

This weekend I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Royal New Zealand Forest and Bird Society‘s Annual General Meeting and Conference. The transcript can be downloaded from here. (Michael Tavares 2015 forestandbird rightsofnature address) I have been a member of the society for a few years now, and have previously served on the committee of the Waiheke

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6th June 2011, email to Greg Hunt MP, liberal spokesperson for ‘climate action’ and environment.

Yesterday over 20,000 Australians marched in the capital cities in support of a price on pollution, or the carbon tax. The Federeal oppositon spokesperson for climate and Environment, Greg Hunt MP used the day to call for Australia led action to halt deforestation in our region, referring primarily to Indonesia. I felt the need to congratulate him for this, and

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