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2014 Election Waiheke Advance Voting results in

The 2014 General election in new Zealand saw a record number of people cast their votes before the election day. Waiheke Island had one Advance Voting place, at the Waiheke Library, but when results were published after the election, only the electorate wide advance voting results were published, so we were unable to determine how many people voted early, and

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The First Election of the Digital Age

An interesting thought struck me today as I was reading my twitter feed: This is the first New Zealand general Election where the internet is a major player. Sure, Obama famously engaged with Twitter in 2008 and 2012, but it’s the internet, online activists, and the revelations contained in emails between Government ministers and hate filled attack bloggers that are

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Why I support a carbon tax.

Climate change and what response Australia needs to take to it is on the agenda. One of the recommendations of the multiparty climate change committee has been the introduction of a carbon tax. (The committee consists of Labor, Greens and Independent MP’s. The Liberals and Nationals were invited, but their leadership chose obstructive oppositionism to constructive cooperation) Being an active

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