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My letter to Waterfront Auckland on the way they’re treating us on our bikes lately.

Ok, so I can guess what happened. Someone on a bike rode carelessly through the wharf area to the boat, unsafely for the foot passengers around, and so somebody in authority decided that as a consequence all bikes need to be walked on the ferry terminals. I understand where you’re coming from on that. Safety of passengers is important, and

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2014 Election Waiheke Advance Voting results in

The 2014 General election in new Zealand saw a record number of people cast their votes before the election day. Waiheke Island had one Advance Voting place, at the Waiheke Library, but when results were published after the election, only the electorate wide advance voting results were published, so we were unable to determine how many people voted early, and

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Garden Safari a Huge Success again for 2014!

The Jassy Dean Trust is a registered charitable trust that has been supporting sick Wai­heke children and their families since 1994. Since 2001 the Jassy Dean Trust has been organising a Garden Safari event, where keen home horticulturists, and people who love looking at other people’s gardens, visit a range of gardens on the island as a fundraiser for the work they do. Money raised goes towards the work of JDT, which is to

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